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We have created the “Fast Track” program which will allow you to get your Accredited High School Diploma from the comfort of your home. If  you  are  a  high  school  drop-out  or  if  you  are  an  undocumented  immigrant, we  can  help  you.
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Getting your High School Diploma will open the door to many job opportunities. We currently have students enrolled in the Army, Air Force Navy, US Coast Guard and more. In Addition, we can recommend some universities who offer financial aid, so you won’t have to pay for your college tuition. Once you get your college degree, it will change your life for the better.

Fast Track Online High School Vs  Honors High School Program.

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If you want strive for academic excellence, consider enrolling in our Honors High School Program. Our programs have been designed by certified teachers and will help you get a better job and enter to many colleges. These are our programs:

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St. Jude Christian Academy offers an affordable online option to get your accredited High School Diploma. All of our courses have been designed to pass the standards of the High School graduates.
Our programs gives you the opportunity to students 18 years and older to study from the comfort of your home.

St Jude Christian Academy now offers a “Fast Track” program in order to earn your High School Diploma at home with your computer.

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Advisory – All our courses are remote and online from the comfort of your house. Our faculty and staff will be working remotely through and will will be providing assistance with the enrollment process. If you are applying for unemployment, you may be asked to provide a High School Diploma, and here we are to help you. Visit our enrollment page for more information.