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        The Association Of Teachers Federation” have awarded for the year (2018)
    “St. Jude Academy” as the best Private High School in Broward County


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    DIPLOMA ONLY: $200

    DIPLOMA (1st or 2nd payment) : $100

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    OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS:            $35



    Honors High School Program $1200 (9 month program) :



    “I got my high school diploma from St. Jude Christian Academy and I was accepted in South Eastern University.”

    Kalisha Robbins (Orlando, FL)

    “All my family are very happy that I got my high school diploma, I was able to find a job as soon as I got my diploma, Mr. Gomez has been very helpful”

    Juan Diaz (San Diego, CA)

    “Was looking for many schools that could help me out, no school offered me the opportunity to get my diploma until I found St. Jude Academy. They provided me all the necessary tools to get my diploma”

    Kimberly Wilson (Skokie, IL)

    St. Jude Christian Academy is an accredited Christian High School in the United States. All colleges and universities have different requirements depending on the academic program; their acceptance decision is usually based on a combination of factors, as well as your overall place in that college’s current applicant pool, so we cannot guarantee acceptance to all colleges. We provide a full refund within 30 days after the enrollment. Partial refund after 30 days from the enrollment day. By submitting this test, you agree to these terms and conditions.