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    1. This past month the Johnson Shoe Company sold $1,500.00 worth of shoes. The company works on a 25% profit. How much profit did the company make the past month?

    2. Solve this problem: $409.00 + $709.00 + $5.00 =
    $15,136.00$ 1,123.00$11,230.00

    3. The beach cooler is filled with (8) cans of vanilla soda and (4) cans of lemon soda. Also its filled with (12) cans of Coca Cola, what is the probability when reaching into the cooler, you will pullout a Coca Cola?
    1/3 of the time1/2 of the time3/4 of the time

    4. There were (42) people taking an exam to be a court officer. (28) of these people were men. What part of this group of people are men?

    5. The high school soccer team has (20) members. Each member pays (20) dollars a year dues. How much money does the high school collect each year?

    6. There are (12) guests at a party for Steve. At midnight (6) people leave the party. What percentage (%) of people stayed at the party?

    7. If it takes (5) hours to drive by car from Boston to Manhattan, in (2 ½) hours, how far will you be to your destination?
    1/3 of the way1/2 way there2/3 of the way

    8. How much is ($1,000) times ($56) ?

    9. An isosceles triangle is a triangle that:
    has 3 sides of equal lengthhas 2 sides of equal lengthone corner has a 90° angle

    10. A car travels at 30 miles per hour. How long does it take to drive 3 miles?
    3 minutes4 minutes and a half6 minutes

    11. Electricity cannot be seen. But can electricity be bottled?

    12. What theory did Nobel Prize Winner Albert Einstein discover?
    E = mc2RadiationPulsars Theory

    13. What is the square root of 100 plus 2 to the square minus 4?

    14. Who was the 4th President of the United States?
    John AdamsJames MadisonJames Monroe

    15. Before he was assassinated, Dr. Martin Luther King gave a tremendous speech in Washington D.C. What was the name of this famous speech?
    Now it's our turnI walk with GodI have a dream

    16. There are 4 presidents sculptured in stone at Mount Rushmore. In what state is it located?
    MontanaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota

    17. When President Bush was president he appointed a lady to be Secretary of State, what is the name of this lady?
    Hillary ClintonCondoleezza RiceNancy Pelosi

    18. Who was the President of the United States, at the time of the Civil War?
    President LincolnPresident AdamsPresident Bush

    19. During World War II, what country invaded Russia?

    20. When writing a new sentence, writing a letter, is it proper to start each new sentences with a capital letter?

    21. During World War II, what country invaded China?
    JapanThe United StatesGermany

    22. What is the famous island in New York where all immigrants arrived 200 years ago?
    Staten IslandConney IslandEllis Island

    23. When did the American Civil War start?

    24. What is the name of the President who came before Barack Obama?
    Bill ClintonJimmy CarterGeorge W. Bush

    25. The Hoover Dam is located on what river?
    Colorado RiverHudson RiverCumberland River

    26. Where is the country of France located?
    Asiathe Far EastEurope

    27. The Kentucky Derby is the oldest horse race in the country. In what city is the Kentucky Derby run each year?

    28. In what state are Chevrolet Corvettes manufactured?

    29. Florida was a part of the expansion of the Spanish Empire. Spain eventually trades Florida to England for what country?
    Puerto RicoCubaPhilippines

    30. Wine is commonly made from…

    31. What state grows the most corn?

    32. Which state is the largest in the USA?

    33. Which state is close to Tokyo, Japan?
    Washington (Seattle)Iowa (Des Moines)Alaska (Anchorage)

    34. Which river system is the largest in North America?
    Hudson RiverColorado RiverMississippi River

    35. In the United States, French is the second language in which state?

    36. In what year was the "Declaration of Independence" written?

    37. The United States declared its independence from what country?
    Great BritainFranceSpain

    38. The first American flag had how many stars and stripes?

    39. The British and American governments signed the "Treaty of Paris" in what year?

    40. In what year did America invade Canada?

    41. American Congress consists of how many chambers?

    42. In the American Civil War, the battle of Gettysburg was fought what year did this take place?

    43. The battle of Gettysburg was fought in which sate?

    44. In the American Civil War, the battle of Antietam was fought in which state?

    45. Who explained the law of gravity?
    A. EinsteinIsaac NewtonGalileo

    46. When President Lincoln was shot and killed who became President?
    Pres. Andrew JohnsonPres. Teddy RooseveltPres. James Buchanan

    47. When Japan attacked the United States to start World War II, what American naval base was attacked?
    Brooklyn Navy YardVirginia Naval StationPearl Harbor

    48. What was the first battle in the American Civil War?
    Battle of Bella WoodsBattle of Bull RunBattle of Fort Henry

    49. In the War of 1812 the British burned down what American City?
    Virginia CityKansas CityWashington DC

    50. What year did America enter World War I ?

    51. What was the first city/town founded by European settlers?
    New YorkBostonSt. Augustine

    52. In what year did the first European setters came to the United States?

    53. What is the capital of Italy?
    Vatican CityVeneziaRome

    54. What year did scientist Albert Einstein tell President Roosevelt he must start to work on making an "Atomic Bomb"?

    55. What year did the first person walk in the moon?

    56. In what year did the first human-made object reach the surface of the moon?

    57. Who was the president of the United States from 1877 to 1881?
    Ulysses GrantRutterford HayesJames Garfield

    58. In what state was President Bill Clinton born?

    59. Who was the youngest president of the United States
    Back ObamaJohn F. KennedyTheodore Roosevelt

    60. Who was the oldest president of the United States?
    George WashingtonAbraham LincolnRonald Reagan

    61. In what year did the Vietnam War begin?

    62. In what year did the Vietnam War end?

    63. Why did the Vietnam War start?
    prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnamto get oilbecause of a terrorist attack

    64. This country is called Iran ! What is the name of this country, before it became Iran?

    65. Who wrote the "The Old Man and the Sea?
    Herman MelvilleAdam SinclaireErnest Hemingway

    66. Who invented the electric light bulb?
    Nikola TeslaThomas Alva EdisonBenjamin Franklin

    67. What indian tribe at one time owned Manhattan?
    Creek IndiansManhattoes IndiansNavajoe Indians

    68. In what year was the light bulb invented?

    69. America was named after…
    Amerigo VespucciAmerika ValtaAme Ricanor

    70. Who wrote the song "God Bless America"?
    George GershwinBenny GoodmanIrving Berlin

    71. Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner "?
    George GershwinFranscis Scott KeyIrving Berlin

    72. American writer Mark Twain fought in the "Civil War", he was said to be?
    The hero of the Atlanta battlean aide to General Granta confederate deserter

    73. Where is the Statue of Liberty?
    New YorkChicagoBoston

    74. What is the name of the General who led the Confederate Army in the "Civil War"?
    General John B. HoodGeneral Robert Edward LeeGeneral Thomas Jackson

    75. In the American "Civil War" which General was said to be......the most modest General, and with courage that never failed?
    General William ShermanGeneral Robert E. LeeGeneral Ulysses Grant

    76. In what year the American Civil War ended?

    77. How far is the moon from earth in miles?

    78. Roman Gladiators fought in this Arena.....what is the name of this Arena?
    The ColosseumPalmyra TheaterThe Temple of Bacchus

    79. In the first Century the Theater at Palmyra Syria held the:
    the country's swimming poolsthe country's idolsthe city's Senate building

    80. In what year did the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock?

    81. Louis Pasteur is famous because of ....
    Pasteurization ProcessDiscovered PenicillinWon a Nobel Prize

    82. what is the name of Nobel Prize winner who is called "the father of genetic code"?
    James WatsonM. NirembergLawerence Bragg

    83. Sir Isaac Newton is most famous for …
    Law of PhysicsLaw of GravitationLaw of Temperature

    84. Sir Isaac Newton was born in …
    BostonNew YorkUK

    85. What is the square root of one hundred forty four?

    86. Who was the Roman Emperor in the year 313AD?
    Constantine the GreatNeroCaligula

    87. Who discovered penicillin?
    Joseph CurieSam AdamsAlexander Fleming

    88. What is the capital of New York?

    89. What is the capital of California?
    Los AngelesSacramentoSan Francisco

    90. What is the capital of Florida?

    91. What is the population of the United States of America?
    120 million850 million327 million

    92. What is the population of EARTH?
    2.5 billion5 billion7.6 billion

    93. What is the most populated state in the United States?

    94. What is the longest river in the United States?
    Colorado RiverMissouri RiverMississippi River

    95. What is the highest mountain in the United States?
    Mount Saint EliasMount DenaliMount Rainier

    96. What is the most active volcano in the United States?
    Mount St. HelensKilaueaMount Rainier

    97. What is the lowest point in the United States?
    Key WestNew OrleansDeath Valley

    98. In what state is located "Crater Lake National Park"?

    99. What is the oldest National Park in the United States.
    YosemiteYellowstoneGrand Canyon

    100. What is the biggest lake in the United States?
    Lake SuperiorLake HuronLake Michigan


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